Do you remember the first day you took a great photograph? Or the day you discovered your photography interest or talent? How did it feel knowing that you had found your wings in photography? It must have been motivating and awesome, right?

As much you adore photography, one day your interest mayfadeaway. You may start taking fewer photos, and before you notice, you are not capturing any moments at all! This period can be either a defining or breaking moment for you depending on how you take it. If your photography motivation is low, read on for incredible tips.

1. Keep an inspirational journal.

Keep a small journal in your camera bag. Whenever an idea of what photo to take or where to take it comes up, note it down. Make sure you try out these new ideas to keep your photography fire burning. Also, make a list of the photographs you wish to take in the notebook and make sure you follow them to the letter.

2. Take photos with the aim of enjoying the process and not to see the result.

Try getting inspiration from children. Have you ever seen them play or do some artwork? They barely care about how the final piece looks like. Instead, they concentrate on enjoying every aspect of their game. If you watch them playing, you might even be lured into joining them because they make the process seem interesting, and it is. As a photographer, aim at enjoying every bit of the session. Do not focus so much on how the pictures will turn out. When you do this, you will spike your creativity.

3. Allow critique

Relieving feedback from photographers will encourage and prompt you to approach various aspects differently. Request your colleagues to comment on your photo-taking skills. Do not shy away from the negative comments. Note them all and choose the ones to follow and those to abandon.

4. Pick a project

It is easy for one to lose focus on what they do, especially if you are handling several projects, some of which are not related to photography. To maintain your motivation, consider choosing a plan and committing to it. It could be any idea, as long as you are passionate about it. Whether you want to work on photographing trees, women with Mohawks, salt mines, kids, or anything else, decide and stick to it.

5. Be flexible

The idea is to do something that works for you. Considering that taking pictures is an art that depends on creativity, you should allow yourself to think the unimaginable and try out uncharted waters. While there are some rules to excellent photography, try breaking them. One way of doing this is by taking random pictures whenever you feel the urge to.

6. Buy, rent or trade in your gear with new ones

You do not have to spend loads of cash buying new photography gear, but if you can, why not? Sometimes a simple thing as using a different lens can have a significant impact on your skills and inspiration. It will prompt you to see things in an entirely different way, such as new themes, angles, and compositions.

7. Change your location

If you are regularly taking pictures in one place, you need to change that. Probably all you require to motivate yourself is a change of scenery. If you are always indoors, take a breath and get out for a week. Travelling is also an excellent way of enhancing your inspiration, motivation, and ideas. Some of the best Dubai Photographers are brave enough to face the heat during summer, try it as well!

8. Learn a new skill or technique

Just like the adage states that change is as good as rest, you will realise tremendous benefits by learning something new. Go to the internet, join a community of photographers or do anything else to rejuvenate your interests. It can be as simple as learning how to use the button on your camera and learning a new skill.

9. Remind yourself why you take photographs

Some life seasons may lead you to question your reasons for taking pictures. You may start wondering what the reason for all this is. During such moments, ponder on the reasons you chose to hold a camera for the first time. The motivating factor behind your decision to become a photographer should spike your inspiration at all times.

Photography is a beautiful calling. Although your motivation might decrease, the crucial aspect is to keep the fire burning. These tips will help you to boost your inspiration.