Not Another Boring Wedding

Roughly how long do you think your wedding video needs to be?

Well if you ask me to watch a someones wedding video. Someone I don’t know very well it will be hard to keep my attention for more than 3 minutes. I’d prefer to watch a dynamic and romantic 1 minute teaser. When selecting your wedding filmmaker ask him how long his cuts are. In Dubai, most companies will provide the following so as to satisfy all tastes.

Teaser cut (1 minute)

The teaser cut can be used for instagram hence why it is only one minute. Its short and sweet and easy to swallow. Even for those who don’t know you.

Highlights cut (2-5 minutes)

The highlights cut is usually about one song length. It’s great for sharing with friends and family as a quick fix. Usually all the best shots are in this cut since the filmmakers often use these to show off their work. It’s a great way to pick your wedding filmmaker.

Feature edit (10-20 minutes)

Just like the highlights cut, feature edit are cinematic (more than one camera is used to cut usually) It is the most popular cut these days. The length usually depends on both how much content has been shot and the clients requirement. Sometimes,  clients can ask to include the full ceremony and/or the full speeches which will make it somewhat a hybrid between documentary and feature edit.

Stephanie & Ben Wedding (Cinematic Cut) from on Vimeo.

Documentary / Feature cuts (30 minutes +)

Documentary edits are much more linear (rather than cinematic) although can have cinematic elements. It is the full wedding showing everything and everyone. This documentary or feature edit is very popular in Dubai especially for local weddings who want to see everything and especially EVERYONE!