How to choose the best Wedding Photographer in Dubai

Getting married is a beautiful moment for every couple. The whole wedding ceremony and events before and after it require a lot of planning, which makes the process exciting but tiring as well. It is always best to contact and hire a wedding photographer well in advance because the best wedding photographers in Dubai do […]
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Getting married is a beautiful moment for every couple. The whole wedding ceremony and events before and after it require a lot of planning, which makes the process exciting but tiring as well. It is always best to contact and hire a wedding photographer well in advance because the best wedding photographers in Dubai do get fully booked very quickly. Also, you might want to click engagement photos or family portraits, so it works out well when the photographer is given an idea from the very beginning.

The kind of wedding photographer you hire depends a lot of how you want the wedding photos to be like and the professional’s style. A photographer that your best friend picked for her wedding in the countryside might not be what you are looking for. Instead, you may be looking for a professional wedding photographer in Dubai who has experience in the most popular venues by knowing them well and offering you a much better experience in your special day.

The Guide to Help You Choose the Right Wedding Photographer in Dubai
The UAE has some great wedding photographers, but you know you need someone you can trust for your big day. Here is a guide that will help you out for finding the best wedding photographer ever:

1. Select a style

After you decide the style of your wedding ceremony and the venue, pick a style for the photos. It depends a lot on the venue as the location will give off a vibe that the photographer has to match. It isn’t necessary to only settle on one style. You can do a mix of style including black and white photos, documentary-style images, photojournalistic vibe, and candid photos. You and your fiancé have to make the final decision because the final cost for your wedding photographer in Dubai will increase depending on the number of styles you want to incorporate in the package.

2. Research, research, and research

Luckily, we live in a world where social media delivers us everything. Go to Instagram or Pinterest and hunt down wedding photographers, look at wedding websites or simply ask your friends for recommendations. All wedding photographers have websites, which will give you a better idea of their style of photography. Go to the comments section and check if the photographer interacts with the followers and whether they are friendly or not.

3. Talk to them

Once you have shortlisted the wedding photographers, it is time to contact them. Send an email asking for availability, the type of style you are looking for, and when can the two of you talk over the phone or meet. If the photographer replies saying that they are already booked for the date, ask them for recommendations. After you shortlist around five photographers who are available on the date, meet them personally and get to know each other. Talk about the wedding ceremony, what brought you and your fiancé together, and the venue.

4. Look at previous work

The wedding photographers are always going to carry their portfolio when they come to visit you. The portfolio will help you to get a rough idea about their style, but each of the photograph displayed might showcase slightly different styles as the venue influences the style considerably. Ask them if you can see entire albums of their previous wedding shoots. Pick three to four albums that you would like to look at. If you are planning to have your wedding in Burj Al Arab, or a beach wedding, ask for a wedding album of a beach wedding in Dubai.

5. Bond with them

Building a rapport is one of the most critical factors that will help you in the final decision. The better connection between you and the photographer, the better will be the outcome. You have to open and treat the photographer as a friend because to click amazing photos; you need to capture the very essence that brings the couple together. Tell them, how the two of you met, why you selected the location and time of the year to get married, and why you chose a particular style.

6. Ask for packages

You should inform the photographer about the number of photos you want, number of albums, and the variety of styles you are looking at. Ask them whether you will have to arrange for their stay and what their general shooting fee is. A wedding photographer offers a variety of preset packages. For example, the standard package usually includes the shooting fee, full-day shoot, 200 photos, and professional editing of 50 photos. Anything extra like engagement photos or family portraits will be considered an add-on.

If you are hosting a big wedding and feel that one photographer might not be able to capture all moments, ask if they can arrange a second photographer. That way, one photographer can stay with you at all times, while the other one can move around and click candid photos of your guests and extended family members. If you are hosting over 250 people, you should consider three photographers, at least.

7. Get information on rights to use

Most photographers have contracts that don’t allow you to use the photographs without their watermark. They also reserve complete freedom to use your photograph for promotions and at exhibitions. If you want to upload a picture without their watermark, you will have to purchase it separately. However, you might be able to negotiate if you are getting the album or post-production finishing done from some other vendor.

8. Post-production finishing

Wedding photographers click photos in raw files format, which is very big compared to the conventional JPG images that we use on a daily basis. The files give them greater ability to edit the photos efficiently. Downloading, uploading and then editing the photos takes a long time. A wedding photographer spends an average of 40 hours editing images or much longer if you want specific special effects.

The waiting time will increase to up to eight weeks if there are too many photos to edit and to bring them to the perfection that you are looking for. If you are too restless and can’t wait for that long, you can ask for previews of the unedited photos when the photographer sends you the first edited photos.

9. Final preparation

Now that all doubts are clear and packages are finalised, it is time to pick your wedding photographer in Dubai. Give yourself a couple of days to make the decision. In this step, you can talk to couples who hired the photographer in the past to know more about their personality and whether all submissions are sent on time or not.

This step includes showing photos of your closest family. Tell them about bridesmaid and groomsmen personalities and people who don’t get along together. Since the photographer will be following you around everywhere, introduce them to your family members who will also be with you everywhere. It will make both parties comfortable in each other’s presence.

You can also show them your wedding dress and jewellery, so that they can prepare themselves better. Ask for some final touches to the venue and build a bond that the two of you cherish forever.

The end goal is to capture memories that will make you smile 20 years down the line. You have to trust the photographer with that responsibility and enjoy every moment of the wedding ceremony. Get in touch with some of the best Dubai photographers today!

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